Dear Friends,


Five years ago, since I first came to this beautiful and productive country, I have made many friends in Nigeria, who are very friendly and hospitable. Living and working together as brothers, we have been getting along very well with each other. Every time, whenever I travelled back to China, we would keep frequent greetings on phone.


Just like our company’s name, Chinige, it combines the two words together, China and Nigeria. I also hope that our company can always show the meaning of the unity of our two countries. Thus, we can build up a mutually- trusted and helpful relationship by trade and co-operation. Hereby, I seriously promise that from the Chinige Technology Services (NIG) Ltd., you will surely purchase first class products and best services.


Wish all my Nigerian friends happy and lucky forever.


Mr. Liu Shi Wen


11, Nov., 2013


The MD of Chinige Technology Services (NIG) Ltd